Commercial Realty Investments (“CRI”)
Tenant Representation Services

Commercial Real Estate propertiesCRI handles medical, office, and retail businesses through Texas. We handle purchases and all types of leasing assistance (relocations, subleases, renewals, and expansions). Based in Houston, Texas, CRI can handle smaller requirements in southeast Texas and has minimum client thresholds for out of town assignments.
We recently handled a sublease transaction in Brownsville / Mission, Texas; over 5 hours from Houston, and successfully paired a multi-site thrift store with a Fortune 500 vacated property. Distance is not a barrier for CRI– we have active assignments in Wichita Falls, and Amarillo currently working. CRI was also awarded a fine standing disposition site in Baton Rouge, LA.

The typical agent or broker representing a company in a search for property functions largely as a “bird dog”- find a property, prepare a canned request for proposal (“RFP”), and begins to disappear from the transaction.

Where CRI conducts an exhaustive market survey in the property search mode, it is not unusual for the client to bring a list of preferred properties to the table. We view the process as a partnership with the client– no pride of authorship- just get the best property under superior terms.

CRI brings marked advantage to the table for lease clients: over 90% of our hundreds of transactions have been on the landlord side so we know all the landlord tricks and positions. As a skilled lease technician, CRI interacts with the client’s legal counsel to ensure the key deal points are appropriately memorialized. One of our current Fortune 500 clients requires their in-house legal team to send CRI the execution documents before the counter party initial review for a prior thorough examination. As a side note, these documents are incredibly complex sublease agreements. These packages with the execution documents and prime lease agreement routinely exceed 100 pages!

If your company is in the market for a purchase or lease situation in Texas, contact CRI at or call 713-553-1590 for a confidential discussion of your requirements.